SEDATION,anesthetic and pain management
No more anxiety, Fear or pain!

CEO gives you a wide range of options for pain and anxiety management
Before a treatment you will have a consultation with the anesthesiologist. You will establish a plan of anesthesia or sedation and analgesia, according to your health and type of procedure to be performed.

Conscious sedation (Tranquility)

It seeks to eliminate the anxiety and fear experienced at the dental office. Eliminating the physical and emotional harm associated with diagnostic procedures and surgical treatment. The patient will be free from stress, pain or suffering, without compromising the cardiovascular and respiratory functions, which are permanently monitored.

General anesthesia (Security)

Full monitoring In operating room, using the best conditions and following all the procedures  to ensure a safe surgery.

Pain Management (Trust)

combination of medicines for the proper post operation and chronic pain management.

PCA pain management (Patient controlled analgesia)

It is a analgesia pump controlled by the patient.  It is a pocket size computer that you will carry on at waist level. It will have the medication for pain control and it will supply it to the patient at exact times. If the need arises, the patient can press a button and get a dose of the medicine; However the computer has safety mechanism that will  prevent an overdose.

It eliminates post operating pain, improves sleep, provides satisfaction, greater and earlier mobility without having to take tablets that produce uncomfortable stomach irritation.