En el centro estético odontológico CEO Colombia SAS

In CEO Orthodontics is … Relaxed, easy, discreet, and versatile ultimately what you are looking for
Orthodontics is the most natural way to design your smile.  By improving your facial appearance and oral health you will gain more confidence and self esteem.
There are many options and techniques that would fit your expectations. We have a plan for your needs; You can choose the technique, the brackets and the method of payment that best suits you.

Self-Ligating Brackets

Ideal for patients who live outside the country or can not attend every month to a regular control appointment.  It is the most modern and advanced technology available today. It consists in the application of light and low friction forces which generates faster tooth movement.

Maxilofacial Orthopedics

With the use of simple devices at an early age, we can detect and correct bad teething habits, preventing future complicated orthodontic treatments.
It is ideal to start orthodontics consultations at the age of 5 years.



Metal Brackets
Ideal for teenagers.
Aesthetic Brackets transparent and discretion.