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What is a dental implant?

Dental implants are small devices with the form and functionality of a tooth root, which is placed in the jaw to allow the placement of teeth substitutes.

They are made of titanium; a lighter, durable and biocompatible metal that allows the integration with the bone; usually referred as osseointegration.

We use the latest technology available for its placements and the best trained interdisciplinary specialist in the area.


If you have suffered bone loss due to a trauma, infections or physiological resorption, this bone must be regenerated prior implant placement.
Nowadays, implants are the most advance therapy, not only for its natural look and feeling, but also because:

Improves your smile

Chew better and aid in the digestion process

Eat what you like

Speaking more easily

Restore your facial structure

Improves dental occlusion

Improve your life style

Brings confidence

Now you can have a new start!!. Your surgeon and rehabilitator (prosthodonist) with the use of dental implants can offer you teeth replacement that look, feel and function like a natural one.